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Simulize System by Device virtualization technology

A simulator is necessary to run system, which covers from requirement definition (prototyping) to quality verification, on software for system development. Micros Software has the technique to virtualize a device on OS (NetBSD) installed in embedded product.

This technique makes possible to simulize product system based on the following virtualization technology:

Virtual software on PC
Pseudo-device driver and device simulator development
  • Communications control by pseudo-device driver (via PCI bus)
  • Sequential control by device simulator (C, Visual C#, JAVA, Jscript)
Kernel interrupt control, device recognition control
  • Virtualized system call process, driver interrupt control
  • Device virtual connection (probe, attach, detach)
DMA transfer simulation
  • Virtualized DMA transfer domain and transfer sequence
Virtualized memory device (nonvolatile memory)
  • Virtualized memory domain and management memory information
Dynamic changeover regulation of kernel management information
  • System information modification I/F adding (sysarch, bootinfo)
Shared memory management and memory map changeover
  • Change and manage kernel memory map (premap, mmap)
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