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High-definition image transmission device

Our company provides the high-definition image transmission device for both software and hardware. Those provides send image designing, layout editing, and flexible data linkage, such as importing data from other system into as send images. It also makes possible to create send images graphically based on stored numeric data by using database. Today this device is used for NHK, BS, and international broadcast as news resource, therefore; it has been the broadcasting system to tell stock price movement instantaneously and accurately. (see "NHK-NEW " shown everyday)


Process of the high-definition image transmission device

Collecting data  Capable of bring data in from the external server and others.Collect data to display on a monitor and store them into database. Editing let-off images Edit layouts or designs on an editing monitor. Delivering high-definition digital images Deliver high-definition digital images through a let-off button (a dedicated device).
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