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Authoring Technique for Map Data

Micros Software has 20 years of experiences on software development using many kinds of map data, for instance, for car navigation.
We can develop authoring tools for all data required for car navigation system development, that is, road data, background data, route search data, highway map data, search data, voice-recognition data, and so on.
And those are for several types of car navigation systems from a standing one to PND (Portable Navigation Device).
In addition to the map data provided by home big map manufactures, such as Zenrin, Shobunsha, and others, we are able to create foreign map data, which is based on data of NAVTEQ, TELE ATLAS and other main map manufactures overseas. As a fact, we create those for Taiwan, Korea, Europe, and North America.

Authoring Technique for Digital Map Data

Database for original map Authoring Process > Map data for Layer-structureComplete
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