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High-definition image transmission device

Introduce our high-definition image transmission device used for NHK.

Device virtualization Technology

Capable to simulate systems with our technology that is to simulate devices.

Development authoring technology for map

Map authoring technology for over 20 years that has been developed through the car navigation development.

Application and engine development technology for car navigation systems

Capable of developing various kinds of engines, applications and verification tools indispensable for car navigation systems.

Cloud service development technology

Introducing the development of various kinds of services using cloud environments and the system linkages utilizing smart phones, etc.

Research on the development process using formal methods (Event-B, B-method)

We perform the research on the “development process using formal methods” through the cooperation between industry and academia.

Equipment control system development technology

In various categories, we have a lot of results such as the development of equipment control, communication, and traffic control systems.