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For handling personal information, Micros Software declare (1) the purpose of use, (2) the disclosure and provision to a third party, and (3) disclosure, correction, suspension, deletion, and others.

(1)Handling Personal Information (the purpose of use)

Micros Software observe the following list regarding handling the personal information.
Micros Software use the personal information for the following purpose.

Customers' personal information is used for:
  • Connection for business
  • Negotiation and contact fulfillment with customers
  • Provision of information and promotion of our products
  • Sales and introduction of service window
  • Introduction of seminars and exhibitions
  • Research and analysis for providing better products and services
  • Providing maintenance and support
Personal information of those who apply to Micros Software is used for:
  • Recruitment selection
  • Sending brochures of employment-explanation meetings, interview, and others.
  • Information of passing status
  • Information of employement procedure
  • Information of training before employment

*In addition, Micros Software may entrust a part of work to other companies to accomplish our work smoothly with the entrustment of handling personal information within the scope necessary. But in that case, Micros Software follow the following list.

  • Select trusty companies that fulfill our evaluation standards.
  • Ask to sign a contract relating the handling of personal information.
  • Supervise work and handling trust contents and personal information property.
*Use of other than purposes listed above

If the information is used for a purpose other than listed above, other than the cases legally permitted, Micros Software will ask you to sign the contract.

(2)Handling Personal Information (the disclosure and provision to a third party)

Micros Software abides by the following list for handling personal information, regarding disclosure and provision to a third party. Micros Software never discloses or provide the personal information to a third party except for passing to outsources stated in (1) and cases correspond to any of the following.

  • As you have agreed.
  • As disclosing information obtained from statistic data where is impossible to point out specific person.
  • As requested by law.
  • As needed to protect life, body, or property but difficult to get agreement from you.
  • As needed to cooperate for desk work set legally by the government, local public organization, or others but it may be an obstacle to carry the work out due to your agreement.

(3)Handling Personal Information (disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion, and others)

Micros Software abide by the following list for handling personal information, regarding disclosure, correction, suspension, deletion, and others.
Micros Software accept a request of the disclosure, revision, suspension, deletion of provided personal information by the following procedure.

  • Request by the application Micros Software specified.
  • Identify yourself or substitutions with the necessary papers.

    *Please black out a registered place if printed on the certificate.

  • Respond to a request within a reasonable period after receipt.
  • Please note that there may be a situation Micros Software cannot accept your request of suspension, deletion, and others of personal information Micros Software have, due to applicable laws and regulations.
  • Please note that a delivery process of disclosure request starts after confirmation of payment for content-certified mail.
Download the application form (PDF file).
Adobe Reader® is required for viewing and printing the PDF application form.
Download the Adobe Reader® from their website. (external link)
Necessary documents:
(Documents to verify yourself)
  • As the personal information is for individual:
    • Any copy of residence certificate, drivers license, passport, family register, or insurance card.
(Documents to verify substitutions)
  • As a request from parents of minor
    • Any copy of residence certificate, family register, or insurance card.
  • As a request from a major conservator other than parents of minor
    • A public certificate identifying the relationship with the person
    • A document to identify the substitution stated on the document is you
  • As the substitution is delegated by the person
    • A proxy with the person's signature or seal
    • A certification of personal seal
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