Acquired of ISO27001

ISO27001 Information Security Management System
Ensuring the information security is social requirement as well as corporate social responsibility. Micros Software, Inc. introduced information security management system that accomplishes both the active conduct of business and management of the information security, having acquired the attestation.

Information security basic policy

Today, due to the development of digital network society using computers, it has been becoming more important than ever to ensure information security.

We, Micros Software Inc., pay attention to falsification of information assets we have divulgation and outflow since we keep the important information of customers and handle a lot of our information.

We state information and the management framework of information as important information asset and therefore we set the information security policy and assure the information security for managing them strictly. All the board members and employees observe it. When the information asset is handled in the organization outside the coverage of the policy, we request the recognition of importance of information and the cooperation of management.

We shall stipulate information assets and evaluates them from the viewpoint of the information secrecy, completeness and availability. We take the best information security management plan.

We shall have the organization to implement information security measures. Furthermore, we regularly conduct an internal audit and management review for continuous improvement.

We shall set the internal stipulation to take appropriate information security management. We review it for continuous improvement at an adequate time and period.
All the employees shall understand the importance and measures of information security through education. Meanwhile, we maintain and improve the information security management system.

When the security problems occur on the information assets, or the fear of it, we shall take countermeasures immediately. We try to keep the damage to a minimum and take preventive steps.

We are in various compliances with information security and observe decrees, regulations, guidelines, and so on.
Continuously We shall ameliorate and conduct about the information security act continuously, and establish the information security management system to be able to respond to new threat.

We shall take strict disciplinary measures to those who go against the information security.

October 19, 2007
CEO & COO Satoshi Tanaka
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