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Equipment control system development technology

Developing systems for highly-confidential communication between devices

We are developing systems for controlling the highly-confidential data communication between various systems.
We can provide systems in every combination between communication control technologies and cryptographic ones.
In addition, we have a good track record in developing software for traffic control and monitoring systems.

Developing systems for working together with mechatronics

We are developing embedded systems for real-time control, which work together with mechatronics parts while taking into consideration a number of interruptions, communications, state controls and so forth.
In particular, we, who hold a lot of track records regarding on-vehicle type system, can provide the system that works together with on-vehicle network and various kinds of on-vehicle devices.

  • ETC related devices (DSRC, wireless data communication)
  • On-vehicle AV devices (CAN, DLNA, WiFi)
  • Smart grid (EV) system
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